Course curriculum

  • 1
    5 Myths About Starting a Business
    • Myth No. 1: You Need a Lot of Money
    • Myth No. 2: It Takes a Lot of Time
    • Myth No. 3: You Need a Lot of Experience
    • Myth No. 4: You Shouldn’t Keep Your Job
    • Myth No. 5: You Need a Whole New Idea
  • 2
    12 Questions Before You Start a Business
    • How Much Cash, Time and Energy Will Be Required?
    • Obligations, Timing and Other Alternatives
    • Likelihood of Success and Keeping Your Day Job
    • Amount of Risk, How Long to Give It, What Might Come Next
  • 3
    The Keys to Business Success
    • 7 Keys to Starting a Successful Business
    • What Really Matters in Business
  • 4
    The Great Rewards of Starting a Business
    • Why Starting a Business Beats Winning a Lottery