Course curriculum

  • 1
    Your Business Plan IS Your Business
    • A Business Plan Steers Your Entire Business Strategically
    • How My Business Took Off with a Great Business Plan
    • A Truly Differentiated Strategy is Most Important
  • 2
    Differentiate Your Brand
    • 3 Powerful Strategies to Differentiate Your Brand
  • 3
    Turn Being Cheap into a Core Competency
    • High Expenses Can Destroy Any Business
    • How Walmart Crushed the Competition by Being Cheap
    • Don’t Be Afraid to Break Industry Norms to Cut Costs
  • 4
    Get Organized and Take Charge of Your Business
    • From Disorganized Mess to Super Organized
    • How to Manage Time Aggressively
  • 5
    Marketing Without a Budget
    • My Favorite Cheap Marketing Tricks
  • 6
    Benchmark Your Competitors
    • Sharpen Your Competitive Edge by Benchmarking
  • 7
    Optimize Your Pricing Strategy
    • Small Businesses Often Underprice
    • How to Determine the Best Price
    • How My Profits Surged by Increasing Prices
  • 8
    Cash Flow is the Lifeblood of Business
    • Why My Profitable Business Kept Running Out of Cash
    • How to Speed Up Cash Flow
    • How to Quickly Turn Assets Into Cash
    • What to Do When Cash Runs Out
  • 9
    Avoid Self-Sabotaging Your Business
    • All Entrepreneurs Self-Sabotage
    • Common Self-Sabotaging Activities
  • 10
    Get Employees to Overperform
    • 8 Critical Steps to Get Employees to Do Their Best