Course curriculum

  • 1
    Marketing, Strategy and Business Models
    • Why a Smaller Market Means Bigger Success
    • Innovate or Die: Create a Disruptive Business Model
    • Your Biggest Competitor Isn’t Who You Think It Is
  • 2
    Ramp Up Your Growth with Strategic Thinking
    • How to Reignite Your Business Growth
    • Why Strategic Planning Sessions Usually Fail
    • How to Align Sales and Marketing
  • 3
    Building Distribution Channels
    • Why the Right Sales Channel Trumps a Better Product
  • 4
    Questions You Must Ask Prospects
    • 7 Questions You Should be Asking Prospects
  • 5
    Making the Sale
    • How to Close Sales: What Really Makes Buyers Buy
  • 6
    The Perfect Elevator Pitch
    • Creating Your Perfect Elevator Pitch
  • 7
    About Steve Davis
    • About Steve Davis