Course curriculum

  • 1
    Home-Based Business Strategies
    • The Huge Advantages of a Home-Based Business
    • 6 Keys to Home Business Success
    • Are Home Businesses Legal?
  • 2
    Setting Up a Home Office
    • Q&As: How to Set Up a Home Office
  • 3
    Tips for Home Businesses
    • My Experience Running Home Based Businesses
    • How to Work at Home Without Going Crazy
  • 4
    Home-Based Business Ideas
    • 42 Home-Based Businesses You Can Start Today
    • Home Business Idea: Bridal Consultant
    • Home Business Idea: Apartment Preparation Service
    • Home Business Idea: College Internship Placement
    • Home Business Idea: Internet Researcher
    • Home Business Idea: Web Design Agency
    • How to Start a Successful Photography Business
    • 6 Models for Handyman Businesses