Course curriculum

  • 1
    Secrets of Radio Advertising
    • Radio Can Drive an Audience to Action
    • How to Write Impactful Radio Ad Copy
    • Q&As About Radio Advertising
    • Tips to Maximize Your Radio Ad Results
  • 2
    The Secrets of Television Advertising
    • TV Can Be Powerful but Pricey
    • Q&As About Television Advertising
  • 3
    Secrets to Magazine Advertising
    • Can Magazines Still Work and What Really Matters?
    • Q&As About Magazine Advertising
    • Tips to Maximize Your Magazine Ad Results
  • 4
    The Secrets to Newspaper Advertising
    • Are Newspapers Still Relevant and What Really Matters?
    • How to Write an Effective Newspaper Ad
    • Q&As About Newspaper Advertising
    • Tips to Maximize Your Newspaper Ad Results
    • The Importance of Juicy Special Offers and Other Tips