Course curriculum

  • 1
    How to Purchase Methodically
    • Important Details for Purchase Orders
    • Handling Overages, Damages and Quality Issues
  • 2
    Quick Ways to Improve Purchasing
    • 4 Quick Ways to Cut Costs with Creative Purchasing
  • 3
    Strategic Purchasing Can Boost Profits 50%
    • How Careful Purchasing Can Jump Profits
    • Setting Specifications and Creating Purchase Orders
    • Reviewing Goods, Packing Slips and Invoices
  • 4
    Creative Approaches to Lowering Costs
    • How to Lower Your Costs all the Way to Rock Bottom
  • 5
    Turn Being Cheap into a Core Competency
    • High Expenses Can Destroy Any Business
    • How Walmart Crushed the Competition by Being Cheap
    • Don’t Be Afraid to Buck Industry Norms to Cut Costs
  • 6
    How to Slash Your Overhead
    • Shaving Your Overhead Can Build Your Business
    • You Don’t Need the Latest Technology
    • How to Turn Trash Into Cash