Course curriculum

  • 1
    Basic Game Plan for Saving a Business
    • 10 Steps to Turning Around a Struggling Business
    • How to Think Positive During Tough Times
  • 2
    How to Quickly Improve Cash Flow
    • How to Improve Cash Flow When Money Is Tight
    • How to Quickly Turn Receivables Into Cash
    • Happiness Is Positive Cash Flow
  • 3
    Emergency Financing Choices for Small Business
    • Vendor, Customer and Friends and Family Financing
    • Turning Assets Into Cash and Partial Business Sale
    • Asset-Backed Financing
    • Factoring: Selling Your Receivables
    • Sell and Lease-Back Your Equipment
  • 4
    Last-Chance Solutions to Money Problems
    • Individual and General Settlements
    • Different Types of Bankruptcy
    • How to Get Employees to Help Find Solutions
    • Cutting Costs Without Making Layoffs
  • 5
    Who Do You Pay First?
    • Prioritizing Bills When Money Is Short
  • 6
    What Should You Tell the Bank?
    • How to Work With Your Bank at Tough Times