Course curriculum

  • 1
    The Essential Steps to Selling Your Business
    • Is It Sellable and Other Thoughts on Selling a Business
    • Tax Implications, Business Brokers, and “The Book”
    • Qualifying Buyers, Presentations, Offers and the P&S
    • How to Prepare to Sell Your Business
  • 2
    Your Business May Be Worth More Than You Think
    • Selling Your Business: It May Be Worth Alot
  • 3
    How to Price Your Business & More
    • Setting the Price and Preparing “The Book”
  • 4
    Tips on Preparing Your Business for Sale
    • Q&As: Basic Issues in Selling a Business
  • 5
    Strategies to Boost Your Business Sale Price
    • How to Sell Your Company for Maximum Value
    • About Rick Williams