Course curriculum

  • 1
    4 Strategies to Rocket Your Business Ahead
    • Getting Ready to Change and Renew Your Business
    • 4 Powerful Strategies to Send Your Business Soaring
  • 2
    Planning for Profits
    • Plan for Profits...Don’t Just Work Harder
  • 3
    Ramp Up Your Business With a New Strategy
    • Take a Totally Fresh Look at Strategy!
    • Throw Out Your Old Business Plan!
  • 4
    Are Your Products Really as Good as You Think?
    • How to Find Out What Matters to Your Customers
    • Learning What Your Customers Think May Shake Your World
    • Fewer but Better Products Wins!
    • You Can Learn from All Your Competitors
  • 5
    Optimize Your Pricing Strategy
    • Small Businesses Often Underprice
    • How to Determine the Best Price
    • How My Profits Surged by Changing Prices
  • 6
    Benchmark Your Competitors
    • Sharpen Your Competitive Edge by Benchmarking