Watch course preview presented by Bob Adams, Harvard MBA and multimillionaire serial entrepreneur.


    You will learn how to find your best target market, how to differentiate your business and how to create your unique selling proposition.


    Includes 3 worksheets to help you find your very own niche. Plus a case study of how a small business successfully used these concepts.


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Find your competitive advantage.

Instead of competing head to head against your competitors, you should try being different. That means creating a reason why your target customers would go to you instead of your competitors. In this course, you will learn how to find your competitive advantage. We will walk you through the entire process and will show you how to find your target market, how to differentiate your business and how to create your own unique selling proposition. Presented by Bob Adams, Harvard MBA and multimillionaire serial entrepreneur.
Find your competitive advantage.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Competitive Advantage and Why It Is So Important
    • What is Competitive Advantage? How Do You Create It?
  • 2
    Who Are Your Ideal Customers?
    • How to Find Your Best Target Market
    • WORKSHEET: Identify Customer Segments and Competitors to Find Your Best Target Market
  • 3
    How Will You Stand Out from the Competition?
    • How to Differentiate Your Business from Competitors
    • WORKSHEET: How to Differentiate Your Business from Competitors
  • 4
    Communicate Your Key Competitive Difference
    • How to Create Your "Unique Selling Proposition"
    • WORKSHEET: Create Your Own Powerful Unique Selling Proposition
  • 5
    Case Study
    • CASE STUDY: How I Differentiated My First Business in a Crowded Marketplace

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