Course curriculum

  • 1
    Turning Your Workforce Into a Winning Team
    • How to Build a Winning Business Team
  • 2
    7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make In Managing People
    • Managing People Well Takes Lots of Effort
    • Matching Jobs to People and How to Motivate
    • Turning Around Problem Employees
  • 3
    How To Get Your Employees to Outperform
    • 8 Ways to Get Employees to Do Their Best
    • Get Employees to Stretch for High Goals and Other Tips
    • Motivation Comes from Caring, Not Scaring
    • Are You a Motivator or a Demotivator?
  • 4
    How to Supercharge Employee Performance
    • How to Motivate Employees and Make Great Hires
    • Critical Positions, Turnover and Loyalty
  • 5
    Make Work Fun, Satisfying and Meaningful
    • How to Make Work Rewarding for Your Employees
  • 6
    The Best Way to Communicate With Employees
    • Employee Communication: What Works and What Doesn’t
    • 5 Keys to Improve Your Communication Skills
    • 3 Communication Strategies for Business Success
    • Why Meetings Matter and Other Tips
  • 7
    Setting Company Policies
    • Why Policies Matter, Purchasing and Company Handbook
    • Hours, Cell Phones, Office Romance and Smoking Breaks