Course curriculum

  • 1
    Understanding Strategy for Small Business
    • What Is a Strategy and Why Do You Need One?
  • 2
    How to Create Your Winning Business Strategy
    • What We Can Learn from Apple’s Initial Strategy
    • Basic Strategic Options to Consider
    • Beware of Copying a Competitor’s Strategy
    • A Bumper Sticker Strategy is Very Powerful
  • 3
    Your Business Plan IS Your Business
    • A Business Plan Steers Your Entire Business Strategically
    • How My Business Took Off with a Great Business Plan
    • A Truly Differentiated Strategy is Most Important
  • 4
    Common Strategic Mistakes & Other Tips
    • Q&As: “Being the Best” Isn’t a Strategy
    • 6 Key Points on Business Strategy
  • 5
    Ramp Up Your Business With a New Strategy
    • Take a Totally Fresh Look at Strategy!
    • Throw Out Your Old Business Plan!
  • 6
    Strategies for Competing with Larger Companies
    • How to Compete With Giants