Course curriculum

  • 1
    Multichannel Marketing Plan on $2k Budget
    • Defining the Market, Customer Needs and Differentiation
    • Advertising, Search Engines, Flyers, Social Media & More
    • Sample Marketing Plan for Landscape Express, LLC
  • 2
    What Makes a Great Marketing Plan?
    • A Marketing Plan Should be More Than a List of Promotions
  • 3
    Thinking Through Your Marketing Plan
    • Market Size, Competition and Growth
    • Evaluate Target Consumers and Their Needs
    • Study the Buying Process and Media Used by Target Consumers
    • Focus on Consumer Benefits Instead of Product Features
    • How to Create a Positioning Statement
    • A Marketing Plan May Be a Product Plan
  • 4
    Q&As About Marketing Plans
    • Marketing Plans vs. Business Plans
    • How Often Should You Update Your Marketing Plan?