Course curriculum

  • 1
    About Coffee with Bob and Bob Adams
    • About Coffee with Bob: A Startup Diary
    • About Bob Adams
  • 2
    Week #1: Startups Are Never Easy!
    • Something Is Deeply Amiss...There Is an Elephant in the Room
    • Death by a Thousand Cuts...and Work Hasn’t Even Started
    • An Old Dog, But Not Too Old to Learn New Tricks
    • A Little Burnt Out...but Still Pluggin’
    • Another 7 Day Week...Sometimes You Just Gotta Do It
  • 3
    Week #2: No Holiday and More Setbacks!
    • No Holiday for Bob, but Work Feels Like Kindergarten Play
    • Is Bob Torpedoing His Own Company?
    • A Little Outside Insight Doesn’t Hurt
    • Trying To Be Positive...Re-doing the Same Work Once Again
    • Here We Go Again...with an Endless Circle of Design Changes
    • Sometimes You Just Gotta Rip It Up and Start from Scratch
    • It’s Sunday, but No Time to Play with the Model Trains
  • 4
    Week #3: Don’t Jump Out the Window!
    • Doubly Bad Start to the Week for Burnt Out Bob
    • A Positive Day at Last...but Crazy in the Website Game
    • Working with an Old Friend Brightens a Rainy Day
    • More Pissed Off than Usual and NO MORE WORK FROM HOME!
    • A Little Better Day...Despite My Screw-ups
    • Another Saturday Back at the Design Table
    • Banging Out Dents in My Car and My Website, Plus Taxes Too
  • 5
    Week #4: Trying to Deep Think My Way to Greatness!
    • Why a Japanese-Korean Naval Battle in the Year 1597 Matters to Me
    • Monkey Off My Back, Rising Stars and Outrageous Meeting Behavior
    • Leveraging Up with Great People Can Transcend the Work Itself
    • Employee Reviews Made Simple and Easy
    • Forcing Myself to Take a Day Off and Why You Should Consider It Also
  • 6
    Week #5: Rallying the Troops and Ramping Things Up!
    • Sometimes You Have to Drop Everything To Focus on What Matters
    • Deep into Meetings and How Meetings Can Ramp Up a Business
    • The Sun Is Bursting Out so Why Not Pump Up the Troops?
    • Overcast Day but the Troops Are Rallying and I am Getting Organized
    • How Going Backwards Today Helped Me Move the Business Forward
  • 7
    Week #6: This is a Tough Business!
    • Thinking About Marketing, Plans and Great Customers
    • Soldiering On in a Tough Business
    • 90 Day Goals then Pivot and Change
    • Tough Competition and Constant Shifts Leave Me Tired and Worried
    • Get Out There and Make Some Mistakes!
    • It’s a Hypercompetitive World and Good Isn’t Good Enough
    • Sometimes You Gotta Work Like a Dog on Sundays Too
  • 8
    Week #7: Rolling with the Punches!
    • How You Roll with the Punches Is What Matters
    • Time to Organize and Coalesce My Thoughts
    • Setting Goals and Holding People (Including Me!) Accountable
    • We Are All Only Human!
    • Traffic and Dialoguing: Annoying, but Necessary
  • 9
    Week #8: Creating Long-Term Value!
    • Time Off, Beyond Bob and Quarterly Goals
    • What Is the Long-Term Value of Your Business?
    • Focus on the Positive: Don’t Let the Negative Drag You Down
    • If You Have Less Resources, Use a Little Elbow Grease
    • Don’t Get Lost in the Numbers: Focus on Major Metrics
  • 10
    Week #9: Brainstorming, Focus and Goals!
    • Brainstorm in a Snowstorm
    • Set Some Realistic, Achievable Goals!
    • Don’t Overly Focus on Past Mistakes: Look Ahead!
    • Tighten the Focus on Yearly Goals: Less Is More
    • Do You Really Have “Great” Customer Service?
  • 11
    Week #10: Totally Derailed and Changing Paths!
    • Frustrations with Contract Workers: What Can You Do?
    • There Are Always Alternatives!
    • Tweak Sessions: Get People to Share Your Vision
    • Don’t Act Out: Calm Down and Make a Triage Plan