Course curriculum

  • 1
    Cheap Marketing Tricks that Work
    • Coupons, Contests, Gifts, Exclusive, Loyalty Programs & More
    • Events, Cross-Promotions, Giveaways, & New Customer Offers
  • 2
    11 Steps to Turn Your Website Into a Sales Machine
    • Core Strategies for Developing a Sellable Website
    • Build Authority, Overcome Objections and Sell In Steps
    • Buy Signals and Exploding Offers
    • Closing the Sale, Add-ons and Following Up
  • 3
    Database Marketing: How to Use Emails and Direct Mail
    • Database Marketing Is For Everyone
    • Successful Email Strategies for Your Business
    • Tips to get High Direct Mail and Email Response Rates
    • Sample Email or Direct-Mail Letter
  • 4
    Newsletters Can Work Wonders
    • Newsletters Turn Buyers Into Customers
  • 5
    How to Project a Big Image for a Small Business
    • How to Project a Big Image for a Small Business
  • 6
    How to Choose the Right Advertising Media
    • Precisely Pinpoint the Accuracy of Your Advertising
    • How to Match Your Advertising to Your Audience
  • 7
    Creating Advertising
    • Should You Create Your Own Advertising?
  • 8
    Setting Advertising Frequency
    • How Frequently Should You Advertise?
  • 9
    Advertising on Search Engines
    • How to make Search Engine Marketing Work For You
  • 10
    30 Tips to Improve Internet Advertising
    • Tips on Ad Designs and Headlines
    • Tips on Clients’ Mindset, Ad Sizes, Rich Media and Offers
    • Tips on Landing Pages, Images, and Frequency
  • 11
    Leaflets, Banners, Posters and More
    • Offline Print Marketing Can Still Work