Course curriculum

  • 1
    An Ex-Google Recruiter’s Strategies
    • Questions to Ask Before Making a Hire
    • An Ex-Google Recruiter’s Guide to Hiring Success
    • About Melissa James
  • 2
    Job Interview Strategies
    • Best Practices for Interviewing Job Candidates
    • About Ed Boylan
  • 3
    The Big Secret Beyond Skills, Experience and Fit
    • Hire Great Employees with One Crucial Secret
    • About Bernie Heine
  • 4
    Options for Managing HR and Hiring
    • 3 Options for Managing Human Resources
    • About Ed Boylan
  • 5
    Setting Up New Hires for Success
    • How to Make Sure Your New Hires Succeed
    • About Melissa James
  • 6
    Hiring When You Don’t Understand the Job
    • Hiring a Star When You Don’t Understand the Job